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5 Reasons Why Top Performing Employees Leave

Updated: Feb 4

Employees with high potential add lots of value to their company. However, without the correct mechanisms in place, this rare group of potential leaders is difficult to find and even more difficult to maintain. Surprisingly, many firms spend a significant amount of money on attracting high-potential people yet do very little to keep them.

So, what could be the reason for these high performers’ departure? And we’ve identified three recurring challenges that have led to top talent leaving the company.

Key reasons include:

  1. They do not find the work engaging enough

  2. Your do not meet their expectations for benefits

  3. Lack of recognition

  4. They are overworked

  5. Lack of opportunity for career development

They do not find the work engaging enough

If high performers succeed at their jobs well beyond what the rest of the team does, they may become bored with the same activities after a while.

If top performers are working in a static environment, they may get dissatisfied and look for a new role on a team that is more on their level.

You do not meet their expectations for benefits

Most employees prefer merit-based rewards and fair compensation, and your top performers are no exception. They also realize that if your organization isn’t meeting their requirements, they have the skills to find them elsewhere.

The SAP-Oxford study found that high performers valued certain benefits highly:

  • Flexible schedules

  • Vacation time

  • Retirement plans

  • Training

Lack of recognition

High-achievers are determined to succeed, but they also want to be acknowledged. They’ll flourish in another organization if their efforts aren’t appreciated in yours. Your best achievers deserve feedback in addition to being rewarded for their excellent efforts. While most businesses believe that no one wants negative feedback, your top performers want to know what they can do differently or better, and they value good input.

They are overworked

Compensation options that recognize top performers’ efforts that go above and beyond should be available.

You could also look into flexible work choices for them so that they may take time off to recuperate and relax when they accomplish a great job.

Lack of opportunity for career development

Over 93 percent of employees say they will stay at a company longer if it offers them prospects for advancement.

If you concentrate on how to increase your employees’ qualities, everyone benefits. To keep your top performers, you must invest in them.

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